Research misconduct and breach of ethics

How Luis Serrano, CRG Director, lied to the Catalan (Spanish) Court

Here is how Luis Serrano, CRG Director , did his best to protect reputation of his research institute by having serially lied about the reas...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It looks like the fighters with so called ID (Intellegent design theory followers) are no less religious than their opponents…
And I would say that this man is at least more honest than those stagy fighters.

P.S. This blog was created for some reason which is now long forgotten. I might have created some other posts then but later found them outdated… At the time I'd been reading the book «Evolution: A View from the 21st Century» by the same author, using pensils and conspecting and digging through the references, I felt fascinated and keen on carrying on working somewhere not very far from biological research. Damn me…

  • I just didn't want to erase the post and it's absolutely unrelated (apart the honesty concept, of course) to the rest of this rant and rave blog 👋

It looks like Tu...stan is staying aside and thus virtually closer..?

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