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Friday, January 13, 2017

Maria Lluch Senar: colors of the work correspondence, data manipulation

Remember the time when scientific debates were open and public?
Maria's comment on the 3rd point below (she uses red color… doesn't it ring a bell?) is extremely marvelous.
Don't miss the moment of the new proteins discovery once she finds them *).
Especially after she finds someone to process concocted by herself Excel files of >100Mb, 15 spreadsheets each…
which are… ta-dam! — a «new format» © Maria Lluch Senar
— hand-made copy-pastes from standard mass spec files which were already processed.
Then ask yourself a fair question:
Why the hell the standardized files from the machine had to be concocted by Maria's hand before the analysis and processing into the DB?
Why she was so eager to make her own «new format» yet being utterly illiterate in the subject of standardization and data formats for analysis/DB processing?
So when you seem to be involved into a quite probable scientific misconduct (the negligent data making up, actually a sheer data modification!) by a person who repeatedly lies, spreads slander and intrigues behind someone's back — think about that you may become a scapegoat at the end. Even if you only get stained — it's still the shame.

Yes, it is awkward to read…
But much more shameful thing is to be cowed by a person who makes her move up to the position she holds by a very questionable way.
And to realize why this her way up is so questionable and shameful for a scientist: enough to see how she avoids open discussion and open exchange of opinions. Enough to have it experienced — of how she's been craving to fuck K.'s brain claiming to be alone with herself.

When a person, who repeatedly stresses you out, disrupts your work and utterly unable to openly and constructively discuss the project with all involved parties — it's freaking disgusting when the very same person also claims to have you alone with herself: indeed just to fuck you. Your brain actually but when your brain is violently fucked — it hurts unbearably.
Human brain is just as important to protect and keep unharmed as other parts of their body.
P.S. in this email below K' words are only those of black font

Above we can see the favorite Maria's trip up, used repeatedly in her emails:
«If you think that changing the pipeline to consider the new format is not possible please let us know and we will find the way to implement it».

She used to insists that she tries «to describe the required tasks in a professional manner». Professional. These rogues love this word.
She thought her hysterics after her «if you want to meet» when only once K. said «no» — professional. And her sweet-heart then proclaims to the Court that K. had always refused to meet her. Nice isn't it? What a level of human integrity, isn't it?

She's been absolutely unable to perceive any explanations why her undoubtedly genius idea just won't work: her arrogance and ignorant obtrusion of the way how the data analysis (which is not her expertise at all) should be technically carried out just must be accepted with complete obedience no matter how feasible it is to perform at least partially. As soon as you start bringing her technical reasoning, however best you try keeping patience etc — she gets aggressive almost immediately throwing at you here-above quoted her favorite trip up.
Literally: «I am the one with the scientific authority here — you only must listen and follow! You cannot follow my genius ideas? — Shut up! Fired!!»
Yet another money laundry case under the brand of so called MycoSynVac project generously funded by ERC (European Research Council).

*) Sure she found them! Her patron has arranged the publication «Unraveling the hidden universe of small proteins in bacterial genomes» with extensively advertising campaign «Revealing the role of the mysterious small proteins» all over sci-comm media — how do you like the titles? remember the bad science signs of research misconduct? — the role is not revealed actually: see the paper, its heuristic modelling attitude…
Maria Lluch-Senar and Luis Serrano Research Misconduct and corruption in publications
— why «arranged»? — because they published it in Molecular System Biology EMBO journal, Luis Serrano is fostered there, in EMBL, he has many connections \m/, including his good friend Peer Bork (see Serrano's lecture on Youtube about Mycoplasma where he mentions that).
And Peer is a senior editor in Mol Sys Biol.
No scrutiny guaranteed!
BTW, Serrano also publishes his papers in Cell Systems, where he's himself in editorial board.
Cosy, isn't it?

Also try to find and make work the «Open Access»™ code used in the paper and written for it — check it out how it's easy to get it and how well it corresponds to the results, so loudly advertised!
The desktop version of Phobius was used to predict any signal peptides and transmembrane segments in our predicted SEPs using default settings and only differentiating between gram positives and negatives.

«Some software and our "RanSEPs: Comprehensive unbiased prediction of small proteins in bacterial genomes" used to predict any signal peptides in our predicted small proteins» :)
Find this «Comprehensive unbiased prediction».
Please, mind the bad science signs (kickers in titles) which, of course doesn't mean you should be biased.
Just check it out: and your guess is correct — it's not on GitHub or any other public open repository with versions and dates.

Do you really think that those who lie so heavily and cheat that at ease can do good science?
But, sure, they can publish their science and therefore are getting paid and having grassy allotments, i.e. academic positions for their «research» — to serve any shit their masters want them to make up.
They have all facilities for that, don't they?


  1. Did you get any feedback from them after having published this?

    1. No. When I raised an issue about them slandering: this Maria Lluch told me like «no one can work with you», then Luis Serrano repeated it and then I asked for proofs and they certainly could not give them, though they made some moves for that — after that I claimed to protect me against this misconduct in future, but I was told that «let's drop it, this only complicates the situation which is anyway difficult».
      So this is how they live and behave: absolutely free to make any mean trick.

    2. If everything is like it's described here, a countdown on them is on whatever happens next.

    3. All this can be verified through investigation if someone would care. I do not lie.