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Friday, January 13, 2017

Maria Lluch-Senar & Luis Serrano Pubul: extracts from emails and talks

K. presented the following to the Conflict Resolution Committee at CRG, she highlighted for them the most odd quotes.
They have not found them really abnormal. They rather silently agreed to be sneakily used for her dismissal. She have had a correspondence with Juan Valcarcel, genuinely presuming his independence, but no one from the Committee expressed any sorry to her after all.
Juan Valcarcel just told K. quietly and smiling that the dismissal would be illegal and K. could go to the court then. Nice kids, really.
You lose your job, never mind, this is just our game with us playing people.

Getting their (Maria Lluch's & Luis Serrano's) «no one can work with you», «you cannot work with users», «no one can understand what you are doing» and other bullshit like that, just as a way to oppress her, — every time K. heard that she just felt utterly stunned.
(NB: at the same time Maria was blocking any communications with other people in the lab and misleading K. with data sources)
It was told her repeatedly as a method of Maria's stunning intellectual argumentation in response to any technical reasoning too, further absolutely supported by Luis, except only a single one first time (see above) when apparently he dared to openly express his own opinion on the subject (genial Maria' ideas), yet appears that afterwards he was strictly prohibited to be that assertive.
Hopefully he wasn't beaten for that and didn't suffer too much :-|
K. could not get it: how come that people who consider themselves as scientists happened to turn over rabid liars like that?
What about science they do? If they are lying that at ease… K:
    It should be done this way. Data are normally processed the way I suggest, at least to assure system consistency and data integrity.
    You have to obey me. Doesn't matter that it won't work. Do what I said to do. This is you who can work with no one. If you cannot do my way we find someone else who will do what I say whatever shit I order to do.
— in italics it was said literally.
Again and again. The very same people have been repeatedly requiring to recognize their scientific authority. Franco style? Or what was that?

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